Tunnels & Trolls App

MetaArcade’s Tunnels & Trolls Adventures mobile game is out!

So, after many runs through Naked Doom (the free adventure) and a couple tries at Buffalo Castle (less successfully), I made it out of Naked Doom, alive but poor (I rolled 11 guards at the end, who “shared” all my loot! 😑)

So what works:

  • 3D dice roller is decent, reasonably fast but lets you see the dice wobble around. However, sometimes they get stuck crooked, which shouldn’t happen.
  • Adventure adaptation is fine, from what I can see. Buffalo Castle lets you see a map (of the complete structure, not just what you’ve explored) fairly often, but it’s not always on-screen. There’s no map in Naked Doom, but where would you write it, and how?
  • Dying in an adventure just returns you to start with nothing lost or gained.
  • Actually completing an adventure saves your progress.

What doesn’t work:

  • Only Warriors currently exist. They say they’re adding Wizards (and hopefully Rogues?) later, but I really much prefer to play a Rogue in T&T.
  • It’s mostly 5th Edition-like, with 6 stats, levels based on AP which give you stat points, rather than AP improving stats which determine your level.
  • Starting you out with only Naked Doom, no equipment store in the game, is kind of lame. The initial shopping trip is one of my favorite things in T&T. Nope, you get whatever gear you can scavenge from an adventure.


  • Unlocking adventures uses IAP currency, which is… not fine, disappointing but typical. I guess I should be glad they’re not offering revives or bonus gear for IAP currency (yet; don’t get bad ideas, guys).
  • Buffalo Castle, which you can play for free on the web and has usually been the freebie pack-in adventure, costs 40 gems = $4. Golden Dust Red Death, Seven Ayes, and Grimtina’s Guard “mini-solos” cost 10 gems = $1 each. And of course they sell gems in units of 10, 50, or 110 (for $10), not 70 which is what “unlock all” would be.
  • Playing an un-purchased adventure costs 1 “heart”, which you can apparently get more of by watching video ads. You’re going to need quite a few tries for most of these, so figure 5 or 10 videos per completion.
  • The art is a mix of styles from 1970s Liz Danforth and others, to some cheesy Fiery Dragon Press-type work, and not every room or foe is illustrated. There’s little sound other than a repeating music track which got turned off quick.

Compared To:

  • Sorcery! mobile games, which have lovely maps, pretty heavy amounts of classic and new art, and are paid-up-front. All 4 Sorcery! games are $17, but they have working sorcery. Play time’s probably longer but more frustrating in T&T Adv than a single Sorcery! game, but all 4?


I think I’ll stick to tabletop T&T Deluxe, and buy more solos. This is cute, but not that cute.