T&T Adventures App: The Ascendant

There are some new adventures in the Tunnels & Trolls Adventures app, so I played thru the free one.

The Ascendant is a better tutorial than Naked Doom (Really? Dying endlessly isn’t a great tutorial? Shock!), and a much kinder early experience. There’s well-described rooms and monsters (based on a Mike Stackpole solo I don’t recall ever seeing), art’s a mix of artists, some Liz Danforth, some not so great. Even a newbie char should survive (but my first try I rolled badly and just barely lost to the final boss), and might come out with armor and a weapon; one weapon is quite good. Sadly, there are no real choices, just linear rooms with saving rolls to decide what happens.

I haven’t gone into Misty Wood or First Command yet, but the old MW solo’s great.

Still not a fan of the old-style rules or the biz model, but it is what it is.

Anyway, Kamimark levelled up as seen above, but would only barely be level 2 by Deluxe rules.