Bundle of Fantasy Age

The Fantasy Age RPG main books: Great fast hack-and-slash system with just three classes, random-roll ability tables, a ton, like pages of lists, of talents and “specializations” for classes, without a ton of skill bookkeeping. 3d6 roll-over mechanic with one funky Stunt Die, and a ton of little case-point rules rather than a big unified “System”. In Jeff Rients’ Threefold Model, AGE is Retro-Stupid.

The Starter Collection is a great deal for $10. Whether the expanded bundle is worth $15 more is debatable.

I loved the Dragon Age: Origins videogame, but the second game was an abomination, didn’t make me want to try the third one (which I hear is better, but I’m past caring). Thedas (the world of Dragon Age) has some annoyances, with powerless priests of a nonexistent god thinking they can control mages who literally control life, death, dreams, and elements; and squishy, stupid humans thinking they can control longer-lived and vastly more competent Elves and Dwarfs.

It’s a tolerable dumb setting in a computer game, but it’s nearly unplayable disaster in a tabletop game. Thedas went down in flames when my players hit it in the first box set: Looting & burning out the Chantry was much higher-profit and lower-risk than fighting darkspawn. That said, there’s a lot of lootable setting, monsters, and such for Fantasy AGE in the Dragon Age books.

Wil Wheaton’s Titansgrave is a nice post-apocalyptic science fantasy setting, however the main book is mostly a very linear adventure, not a hexcrawl or gazetteer of the world. Choo-choo all aboard the plot railroad.

I picked up the whole bundle, because I only had the first Dragon Age box set and why not, and I think I’ll get some use out of it. I’m more annoyed that they have a GM screen for Dragon Age, but not Fantasy Age.