Mark Damon Hughes, aka @mdhughes, aka Mark Dagon, @KamiMark in Elder Scrolls Online, or long ago on USENET and at KUOI-FM, Mark ‘Kamikaze’ Hughes.

…is a carbon-based life form who lives in a frozen tundra biome, and rolls dice a lot.

…writes iOS and web games and utility software at MarkDamonHughes.com, including the roguelike RPGs Perilar and Brigand, and the iOS die roller DungeonDice.

One thought on “About”

  1. Greetings! I’ve noticed you’ve kept up with your writings on RPGs, which reminds me of your old website where you talked about some RPG you were thinking of making called Torchbearer. It never seemed to materialize, and since we seem to have similar tastes in RPGs, I was wondering what became of it. If you’ve abandoned it, I’d like to know if you kept any design notes or something like that because it sounded really interesting, particularly these parts:

    “As for setting, I’m adapting early Imperial Rome, the Mediterranean, and the barbarian lands surrounding civilization.”

    “The races aren’t Tolkienesque (no Elves/Dwarfs/Halflings! Ever!), they’re Roman: Civilized Men, Barbarians, several kinds of Nymphs, Centaurs, Satyrs, and more.”

    “Torchbearer is skill-based; there are no classes, and anyone can develop any skill as well as anyone else (subject to stat differences). In most skill-based games, there are dozens of skills and it takes forever to allocate points among them. Not so here. There are currently 9 skills: Armor, Artifact, Athletics, Burglary, Lore, Magic, Melee, Missile, Prayer… By mixing your skill selections, you get very different character types. If you want a thief who can fight well, focus on Melee and Burglary; if you want a wizard, Magic and Lore; if you want a wizard-thief, Magic and Burglary. You won’t get many skill points per level, but every skill rank really matters, it’s not just a small chance of success upgrade.”

    “A deck of cards is used to give the player choices in duelling strategy… Damage, too, is very different and more dangerous than in most other games. While not ‘everyone dies in every fight’ lethal, it is considerably more dangerous regardless of level than an accounting game like D&D. Warriors win by intimidation, trickery, quick strikes, and defenses, NOT by being able to absorb dozens of blows before falling.”

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