Turkey Day

Generally appearing as a new monster in Stone Halls & Serpent Men:

  • Turkey: LVL 1, Weak, SIZ S, AL N, ST -1, DX +0, IN -3 (A), AC 10, MV 9/12 Flight, Init +0, AT 1, TH +0, DMG d3, TR None.
    • Common fowl, originally imported from Gwyrdland, now common in light woods. Capable of short flight and roosting in trees.
    • Butterball Turkey: LVL 2, SIZ S, AL N, ST -1, DX +1, IN -2 (A), AC 11, MV 6/12 Gliding, Init +0, AT 1, TH +1, DMG d4, TR None. Semi-domesticated, fattened turkey, kept in the more prosperous villages. Aggressive, but slow and incapable of real flight.
    • Dire Turkey: LVL 3, SIZ M, AL C, ST +1, DX +0, IN +0 (A), AC 13, MV 9/15 Gliding, Init +0, AT 1, TH +2, DMG d6, TR -2, SA: Screech (as Fear spell) usable 3/day, Gobble (as Confusion spell) usable 1/day, Baste (as Acid Arrow spell) usable 3/day. Turkeys allowed to escape to the wild and continue feeding and growing to their 5th year metamorph into a hideous sauropod with blackened feathers and hardened spikey wattles, and a taste for man-flesh and vengeance. 1 in 6 Game encounters near villages in Fall may be Dire Turkeys.